Monica Wilson - Cello

Brittany Orlebeke - Violin

Karim Nagi - Dumbek

Brian Melick - Udo (on "Protestant Son")


"The Chapel Session"  (1994)

The Chapel Session is a live audiophile recording which I describe as "Chamber Pop" music - basically a mix of Pop and Classical sensibilities.

The recording features Cello, Violin, and some additional percussion.
I will admit that this has been one of the most challenging projects that I've done because it was recorded live - no overdubs, only two microphones used, limited funds and limited time.

That's enough stress to make anything challenging.
I've learned a lot from this recording.
It's prepared me well as a soloist and it's given me an appreciation for a simple unassuming sound.




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Track 1 - The Big Unfair $1.00

Track 2 - Keisha $1.00

Track 3 - Plant Parallels $1.00

Track 4 - Tracy's House $1.00

Track 5 - Einstein $1.00

Track 6 - Smile At The Foot Of The Bed $1.00

Track 7 - Infidel's Cry $1.00

Track 8 - Night and Day $1.00

Track 9 - Protestant Son $1.00