My Canvas

• Them Bones •

Everybody's got something in the closet, don't they?

• Looking For a Little Love •

One day in a park in Schenectady NY, I was pretty quick to judge some guy I met while setting on a park bench. He looked pretty wild and wasn’t smelling too hot. After talking for a while, I thought I had spoken with Jesus.

• ...You •

Just something that came out of my mouth while the tape was rolling.

• Strange Love •

It struck me a little odd one day that considering all those years growing up with my family, I didn't really know any of them.

• Ninjas •

This song is about my buddy Joey. Is this story true? Yes, mostly true.

I took some liberties with the reason why Joey was shot. The real reason was too disturbing for me to sing about. Some folks back home might not appreciate that. However, I wanted to make a point about violence and how it can escalate and while doing that I thought I would make Joey more like I remembered him. Apparently I didn't know Joey either.

• A Little Morning Peace •

On the road to recovery after a terrifying diagnosis. I was experiencing euphoria as a result of taking steroids. It was amazing to get up 4 -5 am in the morning feeling invincible, ready to do just about anything. The world seems so different in the wee hours. I wrote this song through that period. I'm sorry to say that the euphoria lasted about three weeks. It was hell after that.

• A Day Finé •

Sometimes lyrics get in the way. You want to hear the voice and you want to hear the melody. Focusing on more than that is just a bit distracting. Sort of like listening to Brazilian music if you don't know any Portuguese. You just love that sound. So I just took some vocal sounds and had some fun.

• Nothing Yet •

I just wanted to play a little bit.

• Canvas •

The days and nights in a life of a painter.

 • Next Time •

Reincarnation? When I die I'd like to come back as a bird.

• No Matter What You Say •

No matter what obstacles stand in your way of progress, you’re going to keep pushing. A cliché at best. But clichés serve a purpose. And I need to keep reminding myself of this.

• Dreaded Days •

The perils of going to art school. I did enjoy the classes.

• Never Say Never •

A friend of mine (a fellow musician) asked me to play a song at his wedding. He's going to be happily married forever after, because he certainly won't ask me to play another wedding after this.