"My Canvas" (1999)

The My Canvas recording, even in it's simplicity (a live solo performance) was a tricky recording for me. First of all, the Chapel Session my second recording with the acoustic guitar rattled my confidence as a soloist because it was also a live recording. With only two mics, and a engineer/producer saying " ...ok you're a hot performer, this is a take, be hot...now..." I didn't handle the pressure that well.

I just wasn't on. I was unable to use most of my solo takes. That's why 'Night and Day' is on the CD. That was one of the few solo pieces that I performed decently. Originally the Chapel Session was going to be half solo and half ensemble. That didn't exactly happen. Only two solo pieces. What was the problem Miche? Well my hands were cold. Upstate NY in the winter in a chapel with little to no heat, can you imaging? I didn't have the mental focus. I guess I wasn't ready and having a limited budget didn't help.

Second, after the experience with the Chapel Session, I was afraid that maybe I really couldn't do the things I thought I could do. So when I went to record My Canvas, I was very nervous. I hardly spent any time in the control room. I went in the studio just to play, I had to concentrate solely on what I was doing. I regained some confidence after recording My Canvas and I've been working hard ever sense. I'm looking forward to my next solo record. Now I'm prepared to enjoy myself.




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