Between You And Me
**"This is my Jazz guitar and vocal debut CD."**

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"A Better World"
**I'm featured on 6 of the 10 tracks**
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a Christmas Mood

A Christmas Mood (re-issued with 5 new tracks)

I was never a big fan of Christmas tunes until I started singing them.
This was courtesy the DC area (when I used to live there) where I was getting plenty
of calls to be a crooner. So that's when I began pay attention to my jazz side.


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Café Vignettes

Café Vignettes is a long overdue album.
I recorded it at home, which proved to be
more work than I anticipated.
In fact, I recorded, mixed and mastered it -
which is to say, It's my fault.
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My Canvas

The My Canvas recording, even in it's simplicity
(a live solo performance) was a tricky recording for me.
First of all, the Chapel Session my second recording
with the acoustic guitar rattled my confidence as a
soloist because it was also a live recording.
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The Chapel Session

The Chapel Session is a live audiophile recording which I
describe as "Chamber Pop" music - basically a mix of
Pop and Classical sensibilities. The recording features Cello,
Violin, and some additional percussion.
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A Warm Room

"A Warm Room" is my very first recording with the acoustic guitar.
Half of it is with a small ensemble.  The other half is solo.
You'll notice how my approach has evolved. 
Man of Straw for example, I use to step on a tambourine before
being encouraged to do everything on the guitar, More...
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Live at Dajhalon

This recording marks one of the most difficult periods of my life.
Perhaps that's why I ignored it's existence. This would have been the
last big hooray for the MATA (Miche and the...). 
I decided that I would spend my own funds and stage a major showcase.
 I would fly and house any record company that was interested.  More...

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The Last Session

This is the last recording by the Anglos
before I took leave of the Rochester area.
The tracks were never released. After a productive
eight years together we broke up.
Why did the group break up?  More...
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Can You Hear Colors?

"Can You Hear Colors" is the second recording by the Anglo's.
Yep, no denying the influences: Roxy Music,
The Chameleons, Simple Minds, etc. Oh the 80's.
I went through that "everything European is cool" until I went to -
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Miche and The Anglos - EP

This is the Anglo's first recording.
There's a video of this whole session shot professionally
by a videographer who later taught at Ithaca college.
I asked him for a copy many years later. He said no. I don't remember why.
I should have offered him money.
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Miche and The Anglos - Live (Reunion)

This came as a surprise. Craig Moffet, the original bass player (and friend),
decided he would take on the task of trying to reunite everyone.
I wasn't too keen on the idea at first and honestly I couldn't say why.
It became clear that this was not so much about me
as it was about all those fans who had supported us through the years.
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