Miche - keys, vocals, guitar on "Daddy's Little Girl", "Infidels Cry" and This Fall

Robbie Aceto - guitar
Rich Depaolo - bass
Bill King - drums

Chip Milligan - keyboards
Frank Minuto - Percussion
Doug Egling- Sax

Greg Wyatt - bass on "St. Mary's Bells"


"Live at Dajhalon" 

This recording marks one of the most difficult periods of my life. Perhaps that's why I ignored it's existence. This would have been the last big hooray for the MATA (Miche and the...).  I decided that I would spend my own funds and stage a major showcase.  I would fly and house any record company that was interested.  I also sought the assistance of someone to help make this happen. That decision was a hugh mistake or at least a big mistake.  Only Warner Bro's accepted an invitation which was still a coup. I thought that this news would get the band excited and thrilled again to possibly make something of all of our years together. That was not the case.
We'd have a rehearsal and a particular person wouldn't show. The overall vibe of everyone seemed... I wouldn't call it excitement.  After a third no show, I flipped out and called the culprit and said something like " hey look, I'm spending a lot of money here and we've only got a week and a half left before the show. So will you please get your act together...".
The last thing I heard was two words. One of which begins with the letter "F". I can assure you it had nothing to do with a frog. We haven't spoken since.
I was devastated with the lack of excitement, so I said "to hell with it I'll play solo" and canned the whole idea with the Anglos.
Playing solo wasn't the best idea, but I was fed up.

With only a week to go Robbie Aceto (from the band Red Letter), offered to help me out of this mess and with three rehearsals, his band learned almost two hours of music. What a great band.  I'll always be grateful for that.
Needless to say nothing came out of this event.
Broke and broken I moved to Schenectady and faded away for about ten years...



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