The debut of the studio group KAMU and it's first album release "A Better World" has been a long time coming. This group looks to the past for it's identity. Three musicians are joined with four talented guest musicians and one multitalented vocalist to create a sound that is both unique and familiar.

The album "A BetterWorld" features six vocals tunes and four instrumentals that come together to create a musical landscape of styles and sounds.

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Download entire CD. $9.99

Track 1 - Michael's Song $.99

Track 2 - There's a Place $.99

Track 3 - Separation (Intro) $.99

Track 4 - Separation $.99

Track 5 - Nicole's Dance $.99

Track 6 - Put In The Music $.99

Track 7 - Hear The Voices $.99

Track 8 - The Mariner $.99

Track 9 - Run Free $.99

Track 10 - Don Quixote's Ride $.99