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Miche-Vocal, Guitar, Keys
Jim Conners-Drums
Dave Brick-Keys
Tim Bright-Guitar
Chris Link-Bass

*Ward Hartenstein-Percussion on "It's The Thought of You"

"Can You Hear Colors?" 

"Can You Hear Colors" is the second recording by the Anglo's.  Yep, no denying my influences: Roxy Music, The Chameleons, Simple Minds, etc. 
Oh the 80's.
I went through that "everything European is cool" phase until I went to Europe and discovered that they thought just the opposite - "everything American is cool."   I realized that I had to purge my heroes to discover who I was.  I didn't listen to music for about ten years.  Despite my feelings about some of my musical past, it is a part of who I am.

This has the original version of "Everything You Want."   Whoa.




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Track 1 - Touch of Indigo $1.00

Track 2 - Taste For a Thrill $1.00

Track 3 - Oboes and Violins $1.00

Track 4 - Ear Splitting Parade (E.S.P.) $1.00

Track 5 - Castle $1.00

Track 6 - Save The World For The Children $1.00

Track 7 - Can You Hear Colors $1.00

Track 8 - Blackula $1.00

Track 9 - Everything You Want $1.00

Track 10 - Invisible People $1.00

Track 11 - It's The Thought Of You $1.00