Café Vignettes

• Already Down •

I wrote this song thinking about my school days - being bullied and dreading every day. I was on the edge, full of anger. Fortunately I graduated before I hit the bottom. Shortly after I wrote this song the Columbine thing happened. I was quiet about the fact that I thought I understood how the perps may have felt.

• Man Of Straw •

This is an Old Miche and the Anglos song off the'"Last Session" recording. This song is a little about a ageless women who has some sort of relationship a scarecrow, and more about the unconditional love of her family toward her.

• Hope •

Yeah. Sure we live in crazy times, but times past and present have always been crazy to someone. However, I have hope that somewhere, sometime, somehow, something's is going to make some sense.

• Can You Spare Some Change •

Spare change.

• Everything You Want •

This is an Old Miche and the Anglos off of the ' Can You Year Colors' LP( It was an LP at the time). The ever classic tale of loves' regret.

• Always A Good Boy •

Nice guys finish last. Nice guys don't get the girl. Seems nice guys don't get anything unless first they're famous and not so nice, then repent on Oprah.

• Now That You Got the Girl •

Love love love. Yeah yeah. Ok, she's your treasha foreva. She's your girl. your world. You're the man with the master plan. So now what?

• A Bus Ticket And An American Flag •

Been colored, been black, been  African - American, American?

• Love Simple •

Look, I don't know about all of these wild and insane declarations of love you hear in most contemporary love songs, but simply I love you girl. You're my treasha foreva, my girl my world, my itch my... good witch of the west, my...