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Miche-Vocal, Guitar, Keys
Jim Conners-Drums
Chip Milligan-Keys
Fred Kentner-Guitar
Tim Bright-Guitars
Dan Hoh-Guitars
Craig Moffit-Bass, Sax,Vocals
Chris Link-Bass
Greg Wyatt-Bass,Vocal
Frank Minuto-Percussion,Vocals

"Miche and the Anglos-Live (Reunion) " 

This came as a surprise.  Craig Moffet, the original bass player (and friend), decided he would take on the task of trying to reunite everyone.  I wasn't too keen on the idea at first and honestly I couldn't say why.  It became clear that this was not so much about me as it was about all those fans who had supported us through the years.  Craig had quite a task on his hands.  First, the band had several line-ups.  Who would play? Second, some of the band mates had moved to different states.
Third, how could we schedule the rehearsals we would need after so many years?
Well, Craig pulled it off.  Why just Craig? The deal was,  " Look buddy, if you can put this thing together, I'll do it."   I wasn't very enthusiastic, was I?

I didn't think he'd pull it off. Wrong.

All but one wanted to do the show.  Absent was Dave Brick.  No problem.  Chip Mulligan (keyboardist) filled in with the skill and enthusiasm that gains everyone's respect on so many levels.  Since so many of us wanted to be a part of this show, we decided to arranged the night so that it would start with the original line up then the players would change as we moved through our next musical period.  We ended up with an extra guitarist, Dan Hoh, a talented guy who rehearsed with us because we weren't sure if Tim Bright and Chris Link were actually going to make it.  They were both busy with projects in NY and Boston.  Dan did such a great job rehearsing with us that we threw in some new material just for him to play. This was an unforgettable night.  The other two thirds of the show is in the can somewhere... Enjoy.

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