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Miche-Vocal, Guitar, Keys
Jim Conners-Drums
Dave Brick-Keys
Tim Bright-Guitar
Chris Link-Bass

"The Last Session "  (1988) ?...look I don't know.

This is the last recording by the Anglos
before I took leave of the Rochester area.
The tracks were never released.
After a productive eight years together
we broke up. Why did the group break up?
 I'm not sure.
Toward the end, knucklehead-dom
was beginning to sprout.
Not bad for an eight year run.
The lack of enthusiasm is what killed it for me.
It's what kills me for any project. 
My wife landed a job in Schenectady.
I guess it was time to move on. So I did. 
Funny, I wasn't going to post any of this music,
but MATA fans kept asking.
So here it is. 
This has the original version of Man of Straw.



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