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Miche-Vocal, Guitar, Keys
Jim Conners-Drums
Dave Brick-Keys
Fred Kentner-Guitar
Craig Moffit-Bass, Sax,Vocals

"Miche and the Anglos-EP " 

This is the Anglo's first recording.
There's a video of this whole session shot professionally by a videographer who later taught
at Ithaca college.  I ran into him many years later when I moved to Ithaca NY.  I asked if he could make me a copy.  He said no.  I don't remember why.  I should have offered him money,
but then again I'd really rather not look at myself.

This record actually got airplay on a few Rochester and regional radio stations.
This was a transitional phase from the "Police" influences to the New Romantic period. This record was released in 1985.




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